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    10 Hours of HD Video Instruction
    • 25 RAW Exercise Files
    • 3 Photomatix Presets Select SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets & Brushes
    • Total File Size: 11.3GB
    Forget What You Know & Think About HDR Photography
    Learn how to create beautiful and realistic high dynamic range photographs without having them look over-processed and gaudy.

    This in-depth and comprehensive workshop includes the following:

    • RAW Files : High resolution RAW and JPEG working files for each of the exercises
    • Photomatix Presets : Our 3 foundation HDR presets for Photomatix
    • Lightroom Presets & Brushes : A sample collection of HDR Develop and Brush Presets from the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System that are applicable to HDR Photography
    Learn Every Type Of HDR Photography
    Master all of the different types of HDR techniques to order to capture stunning images

    Bracketed HDR Photography
    Discover the the best ways to get clean bracketed HDRs, from choosing the right scene all the way through to the execution and post production.

    Single Shot HDR Photography
    Stunning HDR's don't always need multiple images to create. We teach you how to get HDR images from just one single exposure.

    Night Time HDR Photography
    Make the most out of the dynamic range in low light scenes. At these slow shutters, you’ll be able to capture the motion in the water, the cars, and other interesting aspects.

    Panoramic HDR Photography
    Multiple HDRs can be combined to create panoramic HDR composites. Learn how you can compose, shoot, and post-produce these images.

    Black & White HDR Photography
    Turn your HDR's into breathtaking Black and White images. We teach you the considerations and the techniques to achieve this timeless style.



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