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RGGEDU — The Complete Guide to Photographing & Retouching Athletes & Sports With Tim Tadder

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    In the world of advertising, visual artists are at a constant battle to maintain relevancy. The relentless pursuit of self-improvement and self-motivation is something that is built from within. Tim Tadder will admit that even if somebody is more talented than him, they will never outwork his hustle. Not only do you get a glimpse of how to manage a crew, a set, lighting, athletes, you learn how to push yourself as an individual further. Prepare to be inspired and observe how one of the most successful names in advertising stays ahead of the game as this tutorial will do just that and so much more.

    Staying on top in a competitive industry is an incredible achievement as there's no way to go except down. There's no question Tim has the motivation and drive, however things were never easy and he turned a passion into a living. An athlete growing up, he developed an eye on how to shoot his subjects in addition to directing them to create more impact. He lives and breaths what he does and viewers will see exactly how he does what he does and how he does it so well. Tim paved his own path and his direction may be the catalyst that pushes you where you were meant to go.

    General Overview
    • English Closed Caption Subtitles Included
    • RAW Files Included For You to Follow Along in Retouching
    • 21+ Hours of HD Video Content Immediately Available for Download
    • 49 Videos Included
    • Prerequisites Cover the Basics and Necessary Gear to Get Started
    • 7 Extensive Shoots with 7 Different Activities
    • Photoshoots in both Studio and On Location Indoors & Outdoors
    • Post-Production in Lightroom & Photoshop
    • Retouching w/ Professional Athlete Retoucher Sef McCullough
    • Mobile Ready (iTunes Friendly)
    • Videos Cover Pre-Production, Photo Shoots, & Retouching
    • Learn From the Master Sports Advertising Photographer, Tim Tadder
    • Learn How to Shoot In Studio and On Location
    • Learn How to Direct and Pose Your Subjects
    • Learn How to Use Color Blocking
    • Learn How to Use Strip Boxes, Octos, Standard Reflectors, Scrims, and More
    • Learn How to Tone, Smooth, and Retouch Skin
    • Learn How to Utilize Your Shutter (Rear/First Curtain Sync)
    • Learn How to Utilize Natural Light and When to Introduce Strobes
    • Learn How to Build a Team
    • Step-by-Step Instructions on Retouching Athletes
    • Step-by-Step Instructions on Basic & Advanced Lighting
    • Advanced Retouching w/ Composites


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