RGGEDU - Fine Art Portraiture With Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk | Видеокурсы и книги по темам. Video Tutorials and books
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RGGEDU - Fine Art Portraiture With Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk

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    Drawing inspiration from master painters of the seventeenth century, Dutch photographer, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk crafts her images meticulously from concept to realization with great care for every detail and nuance. Combining the Chiaroscuro principle and Sfumato technique, Gemmy uses contrast to create depth. By layering colors and tones she creates the soft and imperceptible transitions that have helped define her unmistakeable style.

    In this tutorial Gemmy reveals her entire creative process and demonstrates the techniques used to create her beautiful painterly images in-studio and in Photoshop.Starting with pre-production, Gemmy walks through how she conceptualizes and finds inspiration for her images. She then works with her trusted stylist and assistant to create a distinct look and style for an image. Once on set, Gemmy sets up and tests studio lighting, meticulously placing and dialing in the desired power and quality of light required for her painterly style. You then see her pose and communicate with her subject, direct her stylist, and work entirely through capturing an image on set. Once an image is captured, Gemmy then demonstrates her unique and thorough Photoshop workflow to see the final image realized. Throughout the tutorial, you’ll go behind the scenes on two complete photo shoots and their respective retouching processes. Finally, Gemmy challenges you with a homework assignment to create an image of your own. RAW files, composite elements, a Photoshop action, and final images are all included with the purchase of this tutorial

    General Overview
    • 23 Video Sections
    • Instant Digital Download
    • English Closed Captions Included On Every Video
    • HD 1080p Quality
    • Universal MP4 for PC, MAC, & Airplay
    • Includes Homework Assignment
    • 7 RAW Files Included
    • Custom Action Included
    • 1 Photoshop Vignette Included
    • 2 Full Retouching Workflows Included
    • Learn Gemmy’s Entire Creative Workflow
    • Learn To Style Wardrobe For An Image
    • Learn To Create Soft Light In-Studio
    • Learn Gemmy’s Painterly Retouching Techniques
    • Learn Masking in Photoshop
    • Learn To Create Depth With Shadows
    • Learn To Shade With Layers
    • Learn Frequency Separation
    • Learn How To Dodge & Burn
    • Learn To Refine Shadow And Light In Photoshop
    • Learn To Make Painterly Fine Art Portraits
    • Financing Available For US Residents


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