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RGG EDU - Newborn Photography, Posing, & Retouching With Stephanie Cotta

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    RGG EDU - Newborn Photography, Posing, & Retouching With Stephanie Cotta [box].png

    The Ultimate Guide to Newborn Photography is a fantastic class to take on the entire process of building a business around newborn photography. Taught by award winning photographer Stephanie Cotta, this comprehensive guide to lighting, posing, managing, marketing, and retouching newborns is the ultimate tutorial for photographers looking to master newborn photography.

    This Newborn tutorial is unique in that we cover 15 poses that Stephanie Cotta accomplishes within 45 minutes at every one of her newborn sessions. After taking this course you will have a deeper understanding of the approach to natural studio lighting, lens selections, camera choice while shooting on manual, and the tips and tricks behind posing a sleeping baby for a seamless photo shoot. Posing a 5-Day old baby can be a challenge if you do not have the tools and tricks that Stephanie has developed over the past 5 years of shooting newborns. Come on location in this comprehensive tutorial to elevate your newborn photography and post-production workflow.

    General Overview
    • 6+ Hours of content that you can instantly download
    • 6+ Newborn Shoots Included
    • 2-Day Workshop Footage From A Live Workshop
    • 40 Minute Interview With Stephanie Cotta
    • Culling Selection & Retouching Photoshop Workflow
    • Adobe Camera Raw Processing
    • Photoshop Action Workflow & Download Link
    • Gear Selection & Lens Overview
    • 15 Step Posing Workflow
    • Baby Posing Techniques and Best Practices
    • 85 Page Interactive Posing Guide
    • Links To Props and Studio Essentials
    • Studio Space Tips
    • Pushing Your ISO limits
    • When To Use Which Lens
    • Full Frame and Shooting Manual
    • Posing In & Building Environments
    • Business Podcast On Marketing & Pricing
    • Practice Files
    • Tips For Mom For Before The Shoot To Ensure A Great Shoot
    • Calming The Baby Techniques
    • Coupons and Links For Props and Essentials
    About the Instructor - Stephanie Cotta

    Stephanie is an award-winning newborn photographer based out of St. Louis, MO. Her natural light photography style creates stunning monochromatic images for her clients that are best described as timeless. Stephanie has been a sought-after natural light newborn photography teacher for 4+ years as she has been providing her clients with timeless images.



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