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Redshift3D Redshift Renderer V.2.6.41 For 3DsMax 64Bit Win

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    What’s new in Redshift 2.6.41:

    * [Max] Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.39 where modifying lights during IPR could cause incorrect renders or crash
    * [Max] Fixed bug where block indicators on 3ds Max buffers can spill outside region being rendered
    * [Max] Fixed bug that could cause IPR to update endlessly when rendering with animated camera and motion blur
    * [Max] Fixed bug that could cause IPR to update when moving the mouse over the viewport in scenes with instanced target lights
    * [Max] Fixed bug where IPR would restart a completed render after rendering a shaderball for material not used in the scene
    * [Max] Fixed bug that excluded right and bottom edges of a region when rendering with Render View region box
    * [Max] Fixed bug where displacement shaders were not applied when inside a shader graph rooted at RS Ray Switch Material or RS Store Color To AOV
    * [Max] Fixed issue that could raise an exception in Forest Pack 5.4 with older versions of 3ds Max when scattering volume grids
    * [Max] Fixed issue where choosing a new IES light profile did not start in the directory containing the current profile
    * [Max] Fixed errors displaying viewport guides and shading preview for spot lights
    * [Max] Improved UI responsiveness in Material Editor while rendering shaderballs
    * [Max] Added Proxy Export option “Transform Pivot to Origin”, available when exporting a single item
    * [Max] Added output directory shortcut buttons to Proxy Export dialog
    * [Max] Potential fix for degraded viewport performance on scenes with instanced target lights
    * [Max] Updated bundled scene converter script to version 0.29
    * [Max] Added plugin options rollout (Render Setup > System > Local Plugin Options) for settings that persist across 3ds Max sessions:
    * [Max] Added plugin option to adjust Render View UI for high DPI displays
    * [Max] Added plugin option to restore previous Render View window position
    * [Max] Added plugin option to compensate for borderless windows when fitting Render View to a display (Windows 10)
    * [Max] Volume grids scattered by Forest Pack now show correct bounding boxes in the viewport
    * [Max] Added log messages to assist with finding spurious IPR refreshes
    * [Max] Fixed bug with file output of utility buffers for Altus 1-pass
    * Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.28 that forced global volume height fog to appear fully fogged when looking at the environment through the fog plane
    * Added ‘Spread’ option to Portal lights
    * Fixed bug introduced in 2.6.39 that could cause a crash when exporting embedded volumes in proxies
    * Fixed bug where tessellation would produce wrong results on meshes using more than 2 deformation steps


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