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New Release Artisan Pro X - Full Panel Download For Mac/Windows

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    New Artisan Pro X Release

    BWVision Artisan Pro X release for windows and mac.

    Instructions Included.

    Must Own Panel. Amazing.


    Do Not Share Anywhere Else. No Mirrors.

    Gold Only For Now...

    Product Overview
    B&W Artisan Pro X is the latest evolution of the B&W Artisan Pro software panels and is a panel for Photoshop for pure and unrestricted B&W editing. It is software designed by a B&W fine-art photographer, educator and highly praised expert on B&W photography, for other B&W fine-art photographers who need powerful but easy to use tools to support and express their artistic vision without any technical restrictions. The panel is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals in B&W photography.

    With this version X, Joel Tjintjelaar, the designer and internationally acclaimed photographer and educator, states that he has finally succeeded in automating his entire manual workflow, iSGM, into this software. A manual workflow that was developed by Joel in 2010 with the objective to completely control an image and create atmospheric and dimensional depth and has been adopted by thousands of B&W photographers ever since. Many of them have now become award-winning photographers and B&W instructors themselves. Now anyone can create the typical B&W photos that Joel is known for and have been emulated by many, with just a bit of practice with the panel. Your imagination is the only limitation.

    With the introduction of version X, the importance of steps/features has changed significantly, compared to all previous versions. The now by far most important feature since version X are the ‘Creating depth’, ‘Special FX’ and ‘Restore’ features that unleash the power, speed, efficiency, and subtlety of linear and reflected gradients, applied in a dynamic way, and always relative to the size and position of the selected part it is applied to. What was previously considered the most important features, Advanced Adjustments, and MicroZone adjustments, are now only secondary features, intended for fine-tuning tonality and contrasts locally.

    This software does what no other B&W editing software can do in an intuitive and easy way: creating dimensional and atmospheric depth using dynamic gradients and Joel’s method of ‘restore’ to shape lighting effects with the touch of a button, with unmatched subtlety and accuracy.

    Special FX is a new and unique feature to add highlights, pool or rays of light, any type of lighting effect, to objects like buildings or cars in a technically superior way. It completes and enables the concept of ‘creating depth and presence’ fully.

    1. Advanced Local Adjustments with dynamic feathering:
    enable accurate and subtle local darkening/lightening by carefree and form-free indicating with the lasso tool the target area to be adjusted. The adjusted area then blends in subtly and smoothly with the rest. Version X improves on the already available accuracy and subtlety by using automatic variable feathering that changes depending on the size of the selection.
    2. Micro-Zone Local Adjustment with dynamic feathering: the same as Advanced Smart Linear adjustment but now the local adjustments affect only a selected range of tonal values only, within the target area, to increase or decrease contrasts and textures, by using advanced 16 bits customized asymmetrical masks that work behind the scenes (no knowledge of luminosity masks is needed) for even more accurate and seamless tonal and contrast adjustments. Micro-Zone adjustments now also comes with dynamic feathering to enable even the smallest of adjustments that weren’t visible previously.

    System Requirements
    • PS CC 2015.5 and higher
    • Mac and Windows compatible
    • Make sure that your computer can run the latest Photoshop version. See also Adobe’s website for specifics.
    • The panel runs language independently.
    What’s Included
    • The B&W Artisan Pro X Panel v1.0.0.
    • High-resolution original tif file of the Salk Institute photo with pre-created hard masks is included to practice with.
    • Free technical updates.
    • Easy installer.
    • Quick Start Manual.
    • Quick Reference Guide.
    • Addendum with an overview of the B&W Conversions and Split Toning presets.
    • Follow along videos on Youtube.
    What’s New In B&W Artisan Pro X?
    • Added a completely new and groundbreaking section called ‘Creating Depth’ using dynamic gradients. This allows the user to create gradients anywhere and in any direction he wishes accurately. More specifically: this is great for giving presence or depth to buildings, skies, and waterscapes, but the possibilities are endless. What this basically does is fully automate my iterative Selective Gradient Masks (iSGM) technique. The user can now easily add depth or presence to anything, without going through the many steps and many weeks of practice the iSGM workflow would ordinarily require. Darkening or lightening with dynamic gradients is far more subtle than normal darkening/lightening and is THE way to determine the look of an image.
    • Under the ‘Creating Depth’ section is also a section called ‘Special FX’. This allows the user to create clouds, reflections, highlights on objects or anything he wishes. These special effects can be used in any size, shape or direction the user wants and is fully customizable.
    • The user can shape and stylize lighting effects accurately using the new ‘Restore’ buttons. It was a simple but quintessential part of my iSGM manual workflow.
    • The ‘Creating Depth’ section has a total of 200 new functions.
    • The ‘Zones’ under ‘Luminosity Masks’ are now replaced with custom-built ‘MicroZones’. These zones come in steps of 1/3. This means, for example, that Zone 1 will consist of ‘Zone 1’, ‘Zone 1 + 1/3’ and ‘Zone 1 + 2/3’. The user now has the option to generate a total of 31 microzones instead of the previous 11. Also new is the option to delete the microzones.
    • Added a B&W generator with 4 presets. The generator is based on handpicked values, giving the user a unique and different image each time it is used. The results of the B&W generator are non-destructive and always fully customizable.
    • The ‘Default’ and ‘Strict’ buttons under ‘Advanced Adjustments’ have been completely overhauled and now work dynamically. The panel now recognizes the size of the selection and outputs a result accordingly with the right feathering for the right size. In previous versions, very big or very small selections would not give a result or an inaccurate result. This new feature makes sure you will always end up with a workable result.
    • The ‘MicroZones’ are also completely overhauled in the same sense as the ‘Advanced Adjustments’ buttons. This means that automatic variable feathering has been included in this section as well and every single part of the image, no matter how big or small the selection is, can be adjusted per zone.
    • Added a Split Toning generator with two presets. Just like the B&W generator, the values are handpicked giving the user a unique, a different, and a useable result each time the generator is used. The results are non-destructive and always fully customizable.

    Support Joel Tjintjelaar and his work if you are able too.



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