Lynda: After Effects CC 2019 Essential Training- The Basics

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    If you need to learn Adobe After Effects for the first time, it helps to break the program down to the basics. This course is designed to help absolute beginners understand the fundamental concepts and techniques that make After Effects such a powerful motion graphics and compositing application. It's a big-picture type of training course, designed to inform and inspire. In chapter one, instructor Mark Christiansen covers the six foundations of After Effects CC: building compositions, working with layers, animating with the Timeline, adding effects, designing in 3D, and rendering. The second chapter presents a short motion project that shows how all the tools come together in a real-world workflow.
    Topics include:
    • After Effects and industry terminology
    • Six foundations of After Effects
    • Setting up a composition
    • Working with layers
    • Animating compositions
    • Applying effects, including lights
    • Working in 3D
    • Rendering projects
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