Fstoppers - Lighting 101: Foundation and Light Shaping

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    Welcome to Lighting 101 | Foundation and Light Shaping, the best workshop for teaching photographers, from the ground up, how to use Flash Photography.


    Amazing Images with Basic Gear – In this entire workshop, we create all the images with just an on-camera flash. This allows us to focus on the foundation of lighting, light shaping, and light modification.
    Focus on Techniques, Not Gear – All you need for this workshop is a camera, on-camera flash, and basic modifiers. This makes it the most accessible workshop on the market for learning flash photography. If you happen to have or want more lighting gear, then this knowledge will serve as your foundation, giving you full control in creating your exact desired look.
    Slides Included – We include all of the PDF slides for you to review and study after watching the workshop. This should solidify your understanding and get you ready to continue on to Lighting 201, where we start to use multiple flashes.
    Variety of Styles Created – We teach you how to create a variety of looks, from natural looking imagery (for portraits, family, etc) to dramatic imagery (for fitness, fashion, etc).
    Creative Techniques – We teach you how to use mixed white balance and different colored Gels to create interesting and creative imagery.




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