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Filmmakers Academy – How to Light for Three Cameras

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    Lighting for Three camera can be super easy if you don't want it to look cinematic. You throw some light on your area that the actors are in and go. But, that is not what we are going to teach all of you. This course is designed to deliver cinematic quality and the feeling that you are only shooting with a single camera but you are shooting with three. It is all about blocking, motivation and where you place your light to deliver this excellence.

    Shane Hurlbut, ASC unpacks his 30+ years of experience shooting films and so following his methods will present you with peace of mind heading into any kind of production where the director asks you to pull out THREE cameras.
    Detailed written breakdownsScriptsLighting list templatesCamera list templatesCamera breakdown schedule templateTop-down Blocking & Lighting schematicsSide by side comparisonsEnglish subtitles included


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