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ESET Endpoint Antivirus - ESET Endpoint Security 9.1.2051.0 - CRACKED

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    Version 9.1.2051.0
    New: Minimal installer for deployment with newest modules.
    New: Endpoint restart/reboot improvements for managed networks.
    New: Complete technical revision of email client protection module.
    New: Auto-remediation of product states.
    New: New concept of product End User License Agreement (EULA) updates.
    New: ESET SysInspector 2: Redesign and refactoring.
    New: Auto-update state reporting to console.
    New: Improved communication of pending product updates.
    Fixed: Printing task stays in printing queue when printer is blocked by Device control.
    Fixed: Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) rule application.
    Fixed: Missing Change month button in Watch activity under Tools.
    Fixed: HIPS rules created for selected folders needed to be manually extended to apply to all files.
    Fixed: Disabled editing of Scheduler task in Audit log view mode.
    Improved: Secure browser frame indicator visualization in Windows 11.
    Improved: Uninstallation reason feedback page removed from installer.
    (Registered Silent Install Repack) 2 0 2 5 – 0 6 – 2 9


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