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Creative Jewelry Photography, Workshop #58

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    This is a product photography tutorial for Pro Club Interactive Education Program, workshop #58

    Hello friends and fellow photographers!

    Alex from is back for you with another interesting workshop on product photography. We are happy that you have been using our workshops to improve your photography. We have received rave reviews and comments of appreciation on social media platforms. Nothing makes us happier.

    This time Alex and the team have put together a workshop on jewelry photography. Not the plain vanilla type. Rather, Alex is going to demonstrate how to shoot jewelry with ice. Expect the unexpected, as he is going to demonstrate some really interesting lighting techniques as well open up a world of possibilities with props and cool set-ups.

    Shots such as these take a lot of time and detailing to achieve. They are also in high demand, provided you have the right contacts.

    If you missed the live stream you can now access the recording of this workshop and gain some valuable knowledge on the art of shooting jewelry photography. Jewelry photography as you are probably aware is a highly specialized subject. It involves a lot of finer aspects that are best achieved when you have practiced the art for some time. Thanks to this workshop you would now be able to gain that knowledge in just an hour!

    Just like in all of our other workshops, this one too involves a review process. You are welcome to watch the workshop, study the techniques and create a similar shot using the techniques that are explained in the video. Submit your best shots and Alex and the team will review them and give you there feedback with suggestions where you can improve.

    This workshop was broadcasted live on April 24th 1 PM PDT. Members of our Pro Photography Club had a free live access to the stream. This also included privileges such as making comments and getting their queries answered in real time.

    Not a member of our Pro Club yet? Join us now and get access to hundreds of tutorials/workshops like this. Join us now and you can get a discount of 35%. Use the discount code shown in the video above.



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