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Crash Course Laravel 7 and Vue JS Bootcamp + free CMS

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    [​IMG]Crash Course Laravel 7 and Vue JS Bootcamp + free CMS — Udemy — Last updated 8/2020 — Free download

    This Laravel course is a must have if you need to learn or improve your skill with Laravel and Vue JS.
    What you’ll learn

    • How to set-up a Laravel 7 Project Locally
    • How to connect a MySql database to your Laravel 7 project locally
    • Get Laravel 7 Project online to Digital Ocean server
    • Use Laravel Forge to do deployments to digital ocean server
    • How to setup Vue Js to your Laravel 7 project
    • How to connect Cloudinary to your Laravel Project
    • How to develop Vue JS components
    • Programming in Vue JS
    • Basic understanding of PHP
    • Basic understanding of HTML

    Laravel is the most popular framework for PHP and it really makes life easier! VueJs is also one of the easiest and most powerful javascript frameworks out there that uses a Virtual Dom.

    With the Laravel framework, I have done huge projects before, and with Larvel it’s easy to manage and maintain.

    One of the most beneficial features of Laravel is the Model relationships you can use. Doing queries to the database has never been easier and powerful than now!

    In this course, we will start from the beginning and tell you how to set up your first Laravel Project. I will also show you how to deploy your code online to a Virtual Private Server. We also teach you how to add your project to a DigitalOcean server online!

    This is a must-have course if you’re simply want to jump into Laravel and improve your skill! And if you have help, you can contact me through this platform in order to help you.

    The online world today is booming, and online developers are in demand way more than previously.

    The most common language used for online development is PHP, and Laravel is the most popular and probably the best one out there.

    Laravel handles the server-side programming, so this basically means that it processes what it needs to do before it ends up in front of the client’s screen. So if you want some programming done client-side, then you can’t use Laravel, but Laravel integrates beautifully with Vue JS. Vue JS handles client-side programming. So for instance, if you want to build an application where you don’t want to refresh the browser in order to process something, you’ll be using Vue JS, which is one of the most popular and powerful Javascript frameworks out there.

    With this course, I will teach you everything from where to start from scratch up until publishing your project to a live server where people can access your content.

    As a bonus, I will also include my own built Content Management System, and I will teach you how to install it. With this CMS, you can instantly have an admin where you can log in and add pages, specials, products and more. This CMS is also going to be updated continuously, and I will update my course with all the latest changes to the CMS.

    This Content Management System will also include an eCommerce section where you can list your products and prices.

    This course will be really helpful for you, especially if you want to get in online application development, including websites.

    Who this course is for:

    • People who wants to jump into the Laravel Framework and being able to create their first website
    • If you want to deploy your Laravel project to DigitalOcean
    • If you want to integrate Cloudinary with Laravel
    • If you want to learn how to use VueJs with Laravel
    • You want to see hands on examples of how projects are created
    • If you want to start Programming Vue JS in Laravel


    Filename: Crash Course Laravel 7 and Vue JS Bootcamp + free CMS.part1.rar (download)
    Filesize: 2.93 GB
    Filename: Crash Course Laravel 7 and Vue JS Bootcamp + free CMS.part2.rar (download)
    Filesize: 1.24 GB

    Course content:


    Скачать с облака. Download from the cloud


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