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Cold Email Mastery by Black Hat Wizrad

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    [​IMG]Black Hat Wizrad – Cold Email Mastery — Free download

    The very first business I ran was an Instagram growth agency. I had no idea how to get clients.
    I didn’t want to buy ads because they’re expensive. And I’m not creative enough to make videos. I tried doing shoutouts but got zero clients after 5-6.
    But then I figured, why don’t I just email everybody I want to work with? That costs $0!
    I must have emailed tens of thousands of people.
    I easily made over 100 variations of my pitch.
    It took me 7 consecutive months to find the single best cold email I’ve ever written.
    I used that one email script to sign over 100 clients on $99/mo and $149/mo packages. I was making a shit ton of money at 21 years old.
    This entire business collapsed after Instagram made an algorithm change. I was using follow/unfollow automation and it didn’t work anymore.
    I wasn’t going to screw my clients, so I called it quits.
    I moved onto more lucrative, timeless skills that could feed me forever.
    That timeless skill?
    B2B lead generation with Cold Email.
    I now run an agency that has helped my clients sign over $1M in business. They’ve paid me handsomely for helping.
    Cold email can sell literally any online service.

    • Web Design
    • SEO
    • Lead Generation
    • Email Marketing
    • Funnel Building
    • Copywriting
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Blog Writing
    • Freelancing
    • App Development
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Consulting
    • Videography/Photography

    The best thing about cold email?
    You can exclusively pitch companies with tons of money.
    It completely eliminates having to deal with low ticket clients. You’ll never hear somebody get offended by your prices again.
    Cold email is the easiest, fastest, most scalable way of getting high ticket spenders on the phone… every single day.
    The campaign had 99 recipients. It brought in…
    16 replies.
    7 sales calls.
    2 paid clients.
    Imagine every 100 emails you send, you could get 2 paid clients.
    Isn’t that insane?
    Here’s what you’re going to learn…

    • The simple structure for creating cold emails that get replied to every time.
    • 3 Follow up messages to send those that don’t reply.
    • How to scrape emails addresses of ecommerce, local, and enterprise businesses.
    • How to scrape email addresses from Instagram and LinkedIn.
    • 7 Steps for never landing in the spam box.
    • 8 Cold email sequences I’ve sent, their results, and the strategy behind them.

    BONUS: How to sell better on the phone.
    BONUS: How you can sell cold email as a service.
    Free Bonus #1: Get personal consulting from me in Twitter DM’s.
    I will guide you along writing your cold emails. I’ll help make edits and help correct your strategy.
    Free Bonus #2: Learn how to sell cold email as a service.
    This added section to the ebook will teach you how you can get paid to make cold email campaigns for other people.
    Free Bonus #3: Learn pricing strategy and sales tactics to sign more of your leads.
    This section was added after seeing a lot of people get leads but have trouble on sales calls. While you might sometimes be able to sign clients without calls – all large deals will eventually


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