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500px - Zach Sutton - Using Light To Create Drama

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    500px Class - Shape Light to Create Drama Part 1 by Zach Sutton
    4.0 GB English | 1hr 58m | Video: 1080p | PDF


    For this Class, Zach brings you into his studio to teach you how to add drama to your portraits using a variety of lighting techniques. This Class is perfect for photographers who are new to studio lighting or who are interested in learning some new tips and tricks on how to add emotion and creativity to your images using different lighting colours, setups, and styles.

    In the downloadable PDF you'll find a series of how-tos that cover the basic principles of lighting, inverse square law, and how to break away from the rules of lighting and experiment to achieve the look you're going for. Short and broad lighting techniques are covered in detail since those are the lighting setups Zach uses most often. He provides details on equipment you'll need for each style he discusses and gives lots of tips and tricks to get you started on your lighting journey.

    The live session takes you inside Zach's downtown LA studio. You'll see how a professional photographer sets up their lighting, camera, backdrop, and model to get the look they are going for. Zach answers questions from both host, Alejandro Santiago and from the 500px community. He also discusses how he got into photography, what inspires him, and a bit about his retouching and post-processing process.

    Be sure to participate in the Exercise as well! You'll find it, along with all of Zach's example images, and participant submissions under the Lessons tab. Submit your own photo to receive feedback from the 500px community.

    500px Class - Shape Light to Create Drama Part 2 by Zach Sutton
    2.2 GB English | 1hr 1m | Video: 1080p


    Zach Sutton brings you into his studio to demonstrate how he uses studio lighting to photo to create dramatic portraits. Learn about using light to create mood, inverse square law, and more.


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