Shane Hurlbut - Illumination Cinematography Workshop

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    The Illumination Cinematography Workshop teaches you the essential elements of cinematography and cinematic lighting. Gain the tools and techniques behind creating compelling scenes and stories. Order today and build your confidence as a visual artist!

    This Bundle Includes: Over 7 Hours of Video content
    • Understanding Key Light
      • Placement of Light
      • Quality of Light
      • Soft & Hard Light
      • Modifying Your Key Light with Diffusion
      • How Light placement can change the emotion of a character
    • Back Light
      • Which side to Back Light from
      • Soft and Hard back Light
      • DIY Lighting Solutions vs Hollywood Lighting
      • Process of creating your Visual Landscape
    • Fill Light
      • Which side to Fill Light from
      • When to use Fill Light and when not to
      • Process of creating your Visual Landscape
    • Night Exterior Street Lighting
      • Lighting Night Car Interiors
      • Lighting to create depth in your background
      • Power of taking light away then adding it
      • Cost-effective ways to expand your scope
    • Pre-Production
      • Discovery through Director discussion
      • Creation in designing your Visual Landscape
      • Execution in breaking down a scene
      • Light, Lense & Composition
    • Execution
      • Height & Position of the Camera
      • Focal Length of the Lens
      • Shaping and Controlling Hard Light
      • Modifying Light with diffusion
      • Lighting for DSLRs


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