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    • 01
      Meet Your Instructor: Kelly Wearstler
      World-renowned interior designer Kelly Wearstler believes good design helps us live and feel better. She lays out what she will cover in the class, including how to confidently make creative choices for your home.

    • 02
      Sources of Inspiration
      Design ideas are everywhere. To show you how to look for your own inspiration, Kelly shares how a bracelet became the basis for a sconce and a vintage dress informed the design of the Villon restaurant at the San Francisco Proper Hotel.

    • 03
      Starting a Project
      Kelly teaches you how to ask the right initial questions that will get you started on your new project.

    • 04
      Working With Space
      Kelly reveals how to design your space like a boat, make a small space feel larger, and engage with existing architectural features to give your space a new spirit.

    • 05
      Field Trip: Working With Space
      Go behind the scenes with Kelly as she walks you through the yet-to-open Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel. She shows you how she works with existing architectural features when starting a new design.

    • 06
      Materiality in Design
      Wood, stone, tile, and metal are some of Kelly’s favorite materials. Discover how to create what she calls a “vibe tray” to play with materials and keep your project fluid.

    • 07
      Living With Color
      According to Kelly, living without color is like living without love. Find out some easy, creative ways to invite colors into your home that make you feel good.

    • 08
      Field Trip: Experimenting With Color
      Kelly returns to the Downtown L.A. Proper Hotel to experiment with paint colors. You’ll learn how to apply paint and what to consider when testing colors.

    • 09
      Discovering Texture
      See how texture adds dimension to your design as Kelly shows you how the multitextured elements in the Santa Monica Proper Hotel lobby work harmoniously together.

    • 10
      Pattern: Movement and Scale
      Pattern is one of Kelly’s favorite design vehicles. Learn how to work with pattern, how it adds energy to a room, and how to choose the right pattern for your home.

    • 11
      Lighting: Enhancing Your Space
      Lighting is everything. Kelly shares how to work with natural light, create a mood with dimmability, choose light bulbs, and add fun accents.

    • 12
      Furnishing: Balance and Comfort
      Kelly invites you into her living room and talks about her design choices. Learn how to work with balance and symmetry to create a comfortable living room, see your furniture as sculpture, and choose the right sofa.

    • 13
      Creating Experience With Art and Objects
      Kelly encourages you to let your curiosity be your guide in collecting and displaying the objects that make you feel your best at home.

    • 14
      Field Trip: The Completed Story
      Kelly walks you through the various elements—color, texture, lighting, furnishing—that came together for the Santa Monica Proper Hotel.

    • 15
      Design Heroes
      Kelly discusses the designers who have influenced her work, including Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Josef Hoffmann, Pierre Cardin, and Ettore Sottsass.

    • 16
      Creative Journey
      Kelly talks about experiences that inspired her to become the designer she is today

    • 17
      Life as an Interior Designer
      Kelly shares how she manages her time, how she faces challenges and deals with design failures, and where and how she shops when in a new city.


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